How can i Create quality backlinks using Social media Sites

Create quality backlinks using Social media SitesCreate quality backlinks using Social media Sites

You may heard that profile page on the social media sites can have a great PR, the more detailed you have your profile and the more active you become in these communities.

 The heavier your profile will be, and as long as many of these sites allow you to have a backlink to your website these link can be a very quality to rank page one for ANY site.

>>Create a account.

>>Write about Yourself.
>>Note:Some Social media lets user add their website, here we add our links.
>>That it. Next

>>Their are 300+ Social Media sites with PR, where you can may a Profile and link to your website.

>>When creating a profile don't link directly to your site at once, make subdomain profile on social media site or bookmarking sites.
>>Then, link profile page to subdomain Pages.  

>>This Results in Link juice, then finally add your money site and rank page one for your Keyword you desire.>>Repeat......Step 1.

As you can see just by creating content, sharing on the social media, adding fans or friends can give you a backlink with a very high PR to any page on your site.

Ex:You Tube; Someone has a PR of 3 and he makes new friends in his niche with that is get Link juice from friends and similarly his friends also benefit from sharing, so point is that both get niche specific link juice, and a high PR for their sites from Social Media Sites.

This is the power of Social Profile PR.


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