Where to invest in Changing Technology: The Social Net

Where to invest in Technology 2014
Invest in Technology 2014
Where do i invest in Technology Shares?
The year saw several shares from Social Technology have made completely shocked the world and made people think are regular share have that in them to surpass them or it is really a unrated value of the stock which attracts them to buy.

Recently, Twitter IPO has it greatest run on the market when it open for the Public and shares gone on to be winner for some investors, what i means to say that, people who buy twitter share are and people who miss their chances of washing their hands with the trends.

 Has got more than even chances of getting shares which i think can be a game changer in the market in the coming days.

Top 10 Sites for your reference:

1. Tinder - Matchmaking app that lets people find friends and dates.
             (Founder: Sean Rad).

2. Snapchat - Photo messaging app, valued around $2bn
                  (Co-Founder:Evan Spiegel & Robert Murphy).

3. Lifx - Maker of Lifx, LED Light bulb that can be controlled with a smartphone. 
         (Co-Founder:Guy King, Andrew Birt, Ben Hamey, Phil Bosua).

4. Duolingo - A free app that helps you learn five languages.
                (Co-Founder:Luis Von(Founded Recaptcha).

5. Pebble - A smartwatch which lets you play games, track weather and much more.
              (Founder:Eric Migicovsky).

6. Jolla - Developer of Jolla phone and sailfish OS, (based on MeeGo); Founded by former Nokia employees.  (Co-Founder:S Mosconi, S Pienimaki, M Dillon, A Saarnio, J Hurmola).

7. Infinitec - Maker of Pocket TV, an Android dongle that converts a TV into a smart Tv.  
              (Founder:Ahmad Zahran).

8. Oculus - Virtual reality display, Oculus Rift which gives gamers a 3D experience. 
              (Founder:Palmer Luckey).

9. Thalmic Labs - Motion & gesture control armband to control devices.
                       (Co-Founder:Stephen Lake, Aaron Grant, Matthew Bailey).

10. Ouya Inc. - Low-cost gaming micro-console Ouya that runs on Android. 
                 (Founder:Julie Uhrman).


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